Open Source Integration and Data Platform

MIT Licensed
Develop and deploy integration and data processing pipelines quickly and easily.
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One platform to rule them all

All your integrations in one place. Forget about setting up message queues, serverless functions for building point-to-point integrations.


Build workflows that integrate with your favorite Cloud Services.

Data Warehousing

Send event data to your Data Warehousing solutions.

Javascript support

Use any npm module to build your pipelines and workflows.

Ready to use Apps

Build pipelines and workflows using our ready to use apps.

Checkout How to build Pipelines on YouTube

Data delivered to your destinations

  • Integrate your Source and Destination systems.
  • Process events as they come or process in batches.
  • No message queues, Lambdas or Cloud Functions to build your integrations.
  • Ready to use apps to integrate with your favorite Cloud Services.
  • Predictable cost to run your integrations. No cost per message, server-time.
  • Powerful Editor to build and configure Pipelines

Send event data from any system

  • Use HTTP API to send event data to connected Pipelines.
  • All Pipelines connected to the Source will receive the data for processing.
  • Choose to enable authentication for your Source's Ingestion end point
  • Built-in mechanism to rotate security keys
  • Support for setting custom CORS headers for integrating with your frontend apps.

Enrich, transform, redact data in your Pipelines

  • Powered by Javascript and use any NPM library to build transformations.
  • Remove sensitive data in your Pipelines before sending it to your Data Warehousing services
  • Ability to filter or even completely drop events from your Pipeline.
  • Mix and match transformations as the data flows through your Pipelines
  • Use from ready-to-use transformations from Free App Library.

Send data to your favorite locations

  • Send data to Cloud Services, databases, data warehouses or any custom locations
  • Powered by Javascript and use any NPM library to build destinations.
  • Support for adhoc processing and batch processing of event data.
  • Ability to fully encrypt configuration for your destination services.
  • Use from ready-to-use destinations from Free App Library.
App Library

Ready to use app templates for your pipelines

  • Ready-to-use Apps or customize for your use case.
  • Built with Javascript and use any npm packages
  • Integrate with favorite cloud services or send data to your warehouses.
  • Growing list of apps, app updates or new apps doesn't require platform upgrades.
See all incoming events and outgoing events in one place and debug quickly
Handle failures
See failed events, logs and errors. Retry failed events right from the UI.
Open Source
No ee folder or complex licenses. 100% Open Source, MIT licensed.
No enterprise license required for Single Sign-On.